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Due to the expense of color printing, the vast majority of manga is drawn in black and white.A high proportion of anime are adapted from these, so many of the Japanese Visual Arts Tropes got their start here.One day, however, he meets a lonely-looking girl in the school courtyard, Nagisa Furukawa.

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Summer break is now over; the second semester has started for Tomoya, Nagisa and the others, and little has changed.

Since Tomoya's relationship with his father is still troubled, he continues to live with Nagisa and her family, even if it means getting roped into organizing a baseball team for the family bakery.

Clannad is set in a high-school located in a Japanese town.

Tomoya Okazaki is a third-year student who doesn't take his studies seriously.

When Ryou confesses her feelings to Tomoya he is initially reluctant to accept them, though upon further thought he decides to date her in order get to know her more.

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