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Ceramic statues of Tanuki are found everywhere in modern Japan, especially outside bars and restaurants, where a pudgy Tanuki effigy typically beckons drinkers and diners to enter and spend generously (a role similar to Maneki Neko, the Beckoning Cat, who stands outside retail establishments.) In his modern form, the fun-loving Tanuki is commonly depicted with a big tummy, a straw hat, a bewildered facial expression (he is easily duped), a giant scrotum, a staff attached to a sake flask, and a promissory note (that he never pays).

Many of these attributes suggest his money was wasted on wine, women, and food (but this is incorrect; see below).

Today, the Tanuki are cheerful, lovable, and benevolent rogues who bring prosperity and business success.

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It is intended as a "primer" for students and teachers of art history and folklore. Depicted with big tummy, staff, giant scrotum, straw hat, sake flask, and promissory note.

wealth-bringing icon adorning many residential gardens. The top of the promissory note appears as a white rabbit -- the rabbit and tanuki are the main players in the well-known legend Kachi Kachi Yama (see main story for details)."Tanuki, modern, ceramic. Welcoming icon found frequently outside Japan’s bars and eateries (“come in, don’t be stingy”). Photo from Rakuten J-store Mistranslations, Confusing Names Fox / Tanuki Lore in Old China Fox / Tanuki Lore in Old Japan17th Century Tanuki Art in Japan18th Century Tanuki Art in Japan19th Century Tanuki Art in Japan20th Century Tanuki Art in Japan Big Belly & Belly Drumming Origins of Big Belly & Drumming Big Scrotum (aka Money Bags)Leaf, Umbrella, Straw Hat Sake Flask and Hachi (Eight)Promissory Note It Never Pays Under the Moon, Howling Disguised as a Buddhist Monk(lit. fox & tanuki)Kōri 香狸 (civet)Mameda 豆狸 (bean-loving tanuki)Mamedanuki 豆狸 (small tanuki)Mami 貒・猯 (tanuki or anaguma)Midanuki 貒狸 (badger)Mujina 貉・狢 (fox-like beast)Ōkami 狼 (wolf)Sai 豺 (mountain dog)Tanuki 貍、狸、たぬき、タヌキYa-byō, Ya-myō 野猫 (field cat)Yūri 狖狸 (weasels & tanuki)More Details Here The magical shape-shifting Tanuki is clearly a composite creature.

Says the Yamasa Institute, Center for Japanese Studies Newsletter (Sept.

15, 2001): “As tanuki have moved into suburban and even urban areas in Japan during the 1980s and 1990s, they have taken to feeding at rubbish dumps and are even fed by local people in their gardens, which is one reason why they are associated with racoons who thrive on the rubbish littering many cities....future of the Tanuki [in Japan] is uncertain as many are afflicted with sarcoptic mange, a condition caused by a parasitic mite.” Today (Oct.

The original evil parts come from old China and its fox lore (introduced to Japan between the 4th-7th centuries CE).

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