Friends reunted dating

Her character is so annoying and her acting is so bad! Min joon and jung won left alone feeling sad for both of them.

This drama is filled with good life's lessons for us who are still alive, to do our best especially in relationship with those we love. Mostly I'm gonna miss Cha min joon ( ahn Jae Hyun ). But why TH father sudden heart change....totally rush in ending. Bakergirl, If someone likes heartwarming relations between siblings, friends, family - its beautiful story and I recommend it. Anyeong i just loved this drama from the very first episode till now, i love hae sung's acting ❤ daebakkkkk.

There, he meets his friend Ho-Bang (Lee Si-Un) who is now a police officer.

Meanwhile, Jung-Won is now 31-years-old and in debt. Jung-Won supports herself by working as a kitchen assistant at a restaurant. At first I really thought her acting was just lazy.

In the end I feel like I just know where the story goes after watching the first episode. Impressive how he is trying to extend his work portfolio by tackling more modern-day dramas and he really does a good job. yoon eun hye and if you are into that stuff well maybe you like this one. The main character Jung Won likes Hae Sung when she was young but 12-13 years has gone and she is now 30, how the heck does she flutters by a guy who is 18yo, like she gets all shy and everything. How one needs to value the past & yet live in the present. Hahaha sorry idk why but its okay since the storyline look interesting for me.. There's nice and touching moments in this drama but there're so many flaws.

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