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Male 118GG mice demonstrated higher nicotine intake than male 118AA mice, suggesting increased nicotine reinforcement.In contrast, there was no genotype effect in female mice.

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Received: February 03, 2015Accepted: April 28, 2015Published online: July 11, 2015 Issue release date: July 2015 Number of Print Pages: 8 Number of Figures: 3 Number of Tables: 2 ISSN: 1015-9770 (Print) e ISSN: 1421-9786 (Online) For additional information: https:// Background: Sex differences in the structural connectome of the brain are clinically highly relevant, but they have mostly been neglected in stroke trials.

We investigated the impact of the interaction sex-by-hemisphere on outcome in stroke patients after intravenous thrombolysis (IVT).

Further investigation revealed relevant between-sex and within-sex risk: right hemispheric strokes in men were 1.54 times (95% confidence intervals (CIs) 1.15-2.01) more likely than in women to achieve m RS 0-2.

Women with right hemispheric strokes were 0.72 times (95% CI 0.54-0.92) less likely to reach m RS 0-2 than women with left hemispheric strokes.

Understanding the role of genetic factors may allow for the development of personalized approaches to the prevention and treatment of nicotine addiction.

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