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Three years on, 2,236 investors have benefited from the proposal, bringing in €2.16 billion, of which 72% has gone into property.

The total number of people granted residency in Spain under the so-called Entrepreneur’s Law is now 27,301, including family members. Issuing so-called golden visas has become widespread throughout the European Union over the last two decades, notably in Portugal, Ireland, the United Kingdom, France, and Germany.

Given the limited uptake, in 2015, the government eased the conditions, allowing spouses, children and elderly relatives to be included on visas, as well as extending the period of residency from two to five years.

Among them are 665 Venezuelans, 530 Chinese, and 453 US citizens.

More than 3,500 executives posted to Spain by multinational companies have also been granted residency.

As it was not possible to use the paintings for a direct dating – because they consist of non-organic material – the team employed other indicators such as bone fragments discovered in the gallery.

A separate geological study showed that the mineral and other deposits in the cave, which had been sealed for thousands of years, were also different to those in the lower gallery, “which supports the dating of the paintings.” The Altxerri paintings were first discovered in 1962.

Mark Stucklin, with Spain’s Second-Home & Resort Industry Observatory, explains that the United Kingdom’s decision to leave the European Union has been clearly noticeable.

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