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In this novel gives life to Carlos Daniel Bracho, a man who knows that the usurper, Paulina has replaced his wife Paola is under blackmail of it.

After the success of Emerald in 1997, Fernando makes a foray into the theater with Original Sin not where he starred with Chantal Andere, starred as Jenny and Bill, an unhappy marriage in the process of destruction.

His next show was in 1998, "La Usurpadora" with Venezuelan actress Gabriela Spanic and actors he had worked before and Juan Pablo Gamboa, Chantal Andere, Alejandro Ruiz, Enrique Lizalde and Dominika Paleta, among others.

In 2010 he was the star of the telenovela "I am your Master " produced by Nicandro Diaz and where he shares credit with Lucero, Gabriela Spanic and the first actress Jacqueline Andere.

In 2012, Juan Osorio would summon him to star in Love Rules with Blanca Soto and Erick Elias and Claudia Alvarez as antagonists, debuting in the genre of telenovela a comic touch.

Love Rules is a Mexican telenovela produced by Juan Osorio, the company licensed Colombian Snail, adaptation than it was in 2011 Secretary.

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